Jefferson County Courthouse (Carrollville)

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The first Jefferson County Courthouse was constructed by order of the Jefferson County Commission under the authority of the Alabama State Legislature, given upon the formation of Jefferson County in December 1819.

The seat of government, as selected by the Commissioners, was Carollville, a settlement just north of the 1880s Powderly community. Before them the Commission and courts met at the home of Peyton King, a physician who lived on the Montevallo Road about a mile southwest of the location where Elyton would soon arise.

Documents attest that the court began meeting in Carollville as early as June 5, 1820. Because there were no sawmills then in operation in the area, the courthouse was likely a rudely-built log structure. The building served for about a year before a new brick courthouse was constructed on land deeded to the county by Captain William Ely in Elyton.