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The Kevin Felder ordinance is a Birmingham ordinance passed by the Birmingham City Council on May 14, 2013 creating security guidelines for nightclubs and event venues in the city.

The ordinance, named for Kevin Felder, who was stabbed to death in 2009 outside Club Zen, was first proposed by Councilor Johnathan Austin, chair of the council's public safety committee, in 2010. The Council has repeatedly considered whether to revoked business licenses from clubs that have had serious breaches of the peace on the grounds that their operation is a public nuisance.

According to the ordinance, all businesses licensed as nightclubs or as event venues must install interior and exterior security cameras and to have trained security personnel on site after 10:00 PM, depending on the capacity of the venue. They must submit written safety plans documenting procedures for restricting alcohol sales, responding to violent incidents, and training staff for security. All staff members must also submit statements disclosing previous convictions or revocation of liquor licenses. Businesses are required to submit, within 36 hours, written reports describing any violent incident that results in injury or death, and to store security footage of such incidents for 30 days. Submissions are to be made to the Chief of the Birmingham Police Department and to the chair of the council's public safety committee.


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