Kiwanis Centennial Park

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Artist's rendering of the Kiwanis Centennial Park

Kiwanis Centennial Park is an enhancement and extension of Vulcan Park realized as a project of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The $5 million project included a number of distinct elements intended as a means of "invigorating Vulcan's role as the unifying symbol of Birmingham," according to the club's president, Tom Thagard. The project was announced in November 2016, and was dedicated on March 20, 2018.

The primary component of the project was a renovation of the northern part of the park, providing a publicly-accessible connection from Vulcan Trail to the upper area, where the visitors' center and statue are located. A new paved plaza, called "Kiwanis Centennial Park", features a fountain and provides new space for events. Creating the visual connection between the two areas involved removing a number of large trees.

The Kiwanis Club project also included a two-mile extension of the Vulcan Trail to Green Springs Highway, creating a critical link in the development of the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System.

Another major enhancement to the park included a multi-colored projected light installation onto the statue and pedestal. The design was originally commissioned from Chicago, Illinois-based architectural lighting consultant Schuler Shook, but the final design was contracted from Marc Brickman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The new light show debuted as part of the "Thunder on the Mountain" fireworks show on July 4, 2018.

The park's landscape design was commissioned from Nimrod Long & Associates with input from Walter Schoel Engineering. Brasfield & Gorrie was the general contractor.