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Lady E's Chick'n Cafe was a restaurant opened by Lauryn England in 2022 at 1905 Park Place. It shared dining space in the former Sneaky Pete's with Cajun Bistro and Park Place Hibachi.

Alongside the restaurant's regular fare of fried chicken, tenders, wings and sandwiches, Lady E's offered a 12-piece plate of wings coated in 24-karat gold leaf for $99.

In October 2022 England sold the business to Anthony Johnson and Andre'a Parker, operating as Sosa Restaurant Partners. Parker took over management of the restaurant, and began making plans to relocate, possibly to Ensley, as their landlord intended to sell the building.

In November 2022, Lady E's announced that it would reopen at Elysian Gardens in Avondale. Before opening in June 2023 Parker split with Johnson. She and Demetrius Hampton rebranded as A & D's Wings & Things.


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