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Ligon Industries LLC is a privately-owned manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. It was founded in January 1999 by John McMahon and Leon Nolen and is headquartered on the 5th floor of the Woodward Building at 1927 First Avenue North. It has expanded into a national manufacturer and supplier of aluminum castings and industrial and construction products through selective acquisitions. The company is currently headed by Jim Delk Jr.


  • Energy Manufacturing Co., Monticello, Iowa
  • Fisher Hydraulics, Larens, Iowa
  • Great Bend Industries, Great Bend, Kansas
  • Harmony Castings, Harmony, Pennsylvania
  • HDM Hydraulics, Buffalo, New York
  • Hydraulic Technologies, Galion, Ohio
  • Hydratech, Fresno, California
  • Premiere Aluminum, Racine, Wisconsin
  • Ramrod Industries, Spencer, Wisconsin
  • Seabee Corp., Hampton, Iowa
  • Stahl Specialty Company, Kingsville, Missouri
  • Thompson Fabricating, Birmingham
  • TPi-Arcade Inc., Arcade, New York
  • Watry Industries, Sheboygan, Wisconsin


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