List of homicides in 1884

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This is a List of homicides in 1884, including all cases investigated in the Birmingham District.

Blount County

  • June 2: Henry Lindsay died from one of several gunshot wounds suffered during an attempt by barkeeper Louis Betters to assist Mayor and City Marshal W. E. Byars with an arrest. In his role as acting coroner, Byars presided at an inquest that found that the gunshot was the cause of Lindsay's death. (report)

Jefferson County



  • June 1: Wiley Cross was shot and killed by a "special constable" sent to arrest him on a charge of assault. He and his family were suspected of throwing rocks at the home of the Shamblee family and leaving threatening notes. Peyton Gillespie had bound him with ropes and was intending to tie up his sister, Martha, as well, when Cross objected and, "began abusing Gillespie in the most offensive terms possible." Gillespie, who had lost an arm in a hunting accident years before, responded by shooting Cross in the head. Gillespie was initially charged with assault with a weapon. He was released on $2,500 bail. After Cross died, Gillespie was taken into custody at his father's house in Village Springs and brought to stand trial for capital murder. After various proceedings, his trial was scheduled for September 1889. Attorneys Robert Pearson and Charles Senn headed his defense. (report)

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