List of homicides in 1994

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This is a List of homicides in 1994, including any homicides reported in the area during 1994.

Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the crime of murder as charged by prosecutors and determined by plea or trial.

This list is incomplete and may never satisfy any subjective standard for completeness. You can help Bhamwiki by expanding it.

Cullman County

  • October 11: David Wesley Meeks, was found shot to death inside his semi tractor at a truck stop. Bobby Joe Wideman was arrested and charged with capital murder during a robbery. He pleaded guilty to felony murder and was sentenced to prison. Wideman died at Donaldson Correctional Facility in October 2020. (report)

Etowah County

  • April: Tamika Collins, 18, was one of three victims shot during a robbery at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits in Gadsden. Robert Bryant Melson and Cuhuatemoc Peraita were convicted of the murders. Melson was sentenced to death and Peraita to life imprisonment. Peraita was moved to death row in 2001 for his participation in a fatal stabbing at Holman Prison. Melson was executed in June 2017.
  • April: Nathaniel Baker, 17, was one of three victims in the Popeye's robbery.
  • April: Darrell Collier, 23, was one of three victims in the Popeye's robbery.

Jefferson County


  • 135 homicides (list)


  • November 30: Jill Louise Johnson, an assistant manager at KFC, was shot to death during a robbery committed by an employee. Anthony Miles , then 17, was arrested based on a tip. He was convicted for capital murder in 1996 and sentenced to life without parole. The manner by which that sentencing decision was reached was invalidated by a 2016 U.S. Supreme Court decision, requiring him to be resentenced. In November 2017 Judge David Carpenter gave him a new sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole. (report)


  • February 22: Vickie Deblieux, 37, was picked up while hitchhiking at the Trussville exit on I-59 and taken to a wooded area where she was beaten and kicked to death by Carey Dale Grayson, Trace Duncan, Louis Mangione and Kenneth Loggins. The four teenagers disposed of her body at Bald Rock Mountain in St Clair County. Grayson, Duncan and Loggins returned to the scene and mutilated her corpse. Grayson was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. Loggins and Duncan who were 17 at the time, were initially sentenced to death, but had their terms reduced to life without parole. Mangione, 16 at the time and not involved in the mutilation, was given a life sentence without parole. Those life sentences were later required to be affirmed by a 2012 Supreme Court case. (report)

Tuscaloosa County

  • 22 homicides