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This is a list of songs written about the city of Birmingham. Birmingham and specific locations within the city have been referenced in numerous popular songs, of which the following represent but a sample:


Sheet music for "If I Ever Get Back to Birmingham" (1916)



Sheet music for "Birmingham Bounce" (1950)






Birmingham is also mentioned in the following:

  • "Alabama Anthem" by Birmingham J (2005)
  • "Black Betty" by Leadbelly (early 20th century), remade by Ram Jam (1977)
  • "California Women" by Hoyt Axton (1971)
  • "Carry Me" by the Stampeders (1971)
  • "Jacob's Ladder" by Bruce Hornsby, first recorded by Huey Lewis & the News (1987)
  • "Gun Street Girl" by Tom Waits, (1985)
  • "Handsome Johnny" by Richie Havens & Louis Gossett Jr (1969)
  • "Her First Mistake" by Lyle Lovett
  • "I Can't Love You Anymore" by Lyle Lovett
  • "If It Hadn't Been for Love" by Michael Henderson & Christopher Stapleton, recorded by the SteelDrivers (2008) & Adele (2010)
  • "In a Waffle House in Alabama" by Steve Goodie (1995)
  • "Maribel" by Andy Orfutt Irwin
  • "My Elusive Dreams" by Moses & Joshua Dillard (1967)
  • "One of These Days" by the Drive-By Truckers
  • "Playboy Mommy" by Tori Amos (1998)
  • "Prisoner of the Highway" by Michael Barry Reid, recorded by Ronnie Milsap (1984)
  • "Promised Land" by Chuck Berry (1965), recorded by Dave Edmunds (1972), The Band (1973), Elvis Presley (1974), James Taylor (1974), Meat Loaf (1983), and performed frequently by the Grateful Dead (1971-1995)
  • "Rip This Joint" by the Rolling Stones (1972)
  • "Run, Baby, Run" by Sheryl Crow (1993)
  • "Stars Fell on Alabama" by Frank Perkins & Mitchell Parish (1934)
  • "Struttin' My Stuff" by Elvin Bishop (1975)
  • "Sure Don't Feel Like Love" by Paul Simon (2006)
  • "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1974)
  • "Swordfishtrombone" by Tom Waits (1983)
  • "True Believer" by John Hiatt, recorded by Ronnie Milsap (1993)
  • "Wabash Cannonball" by J. A. Roff, variation recorded by Roy Acuff (1936)
  • "Lonesome Friends of Science" by John Prine (2018)

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  1. Lynne may just as well have been writing about Birmingham, England, his home town.

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