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Live Studio Wrestling was a locally-produced wrestling program televised on Saturday nights at 10:30 PM between the late 1950s and 1962 on WAPI-TV, Channel 13.

Seating was very limited and tickets were free. The promoters were Nick Gulas and Roy Welch in association with local businessman Joe Denaburg. Sterling Brewer was the announcer. The purpose of televised wrestling was to promote Monday Night wrestling at Municipal Auditorium. When Gulas, Welch, and Denaburg ceased promoting Monday night wrestling cards, there was no need for televised wrestling on Saturday nights.

In the fall of 1962, Channel 13 aired Route 66 in the time slot that was formerly occupied by wrestling. It is a possibility that Channel 13 chose to air Route 66 and wrestling was pushed off the schedule.

In 1965, wrestling returned to Boutwell (Municipal) Auditorium TV on Monday Nights and WBMG-Channel 42 began airing Live Studio Wrestling on Saturday Nights at 10 PM. The promoters were again Gulas, Welch, and Denaberg. Sterling Brewer returned as the announcer.

Local companies like Powderly Auto Sales, Eddie’s Seat Covers, and Epp’s Jewelers advertised their products and services on the show. Joe Denaberg also heavily promoted his business, Levy Loan and Diamond Shop.

Taft Epstein, owner of Epp’s, had the most airtime on the show. Most of what he advertised was cheap novelty items like his wind-up cymbal clashing toy monkey.

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