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Lomb Avenue, also called Lomb Avenue Southwest or Lomb Avenue West (formerly South Street) is a major connecting street in Birmingham's Arlington-West End and Rising-West Princeton neighborhoods. It splits off from Montevallo Road Southwest as 6th Street Southwest and runs north, then northwest past Princeton Baptist Medical Center and over Valley Creek to Bessemer Road (U.S. Highway 11) at Fair Park.

John Myers was contracted to grade the avenue to the Alabama State Fairgrounds in 1889.

The commercial zone of Lomb Avenue has been targeted for revitalization efforts under Bernard Kincaid's "BEACON" program and through Main Street Birmingham. Changes to buildings, signs and landscaping in the resulting Lomb Avenue Commercial Revitalization Area are subject to approval from the Birmingham Design Review Committee.

Notable addresses (east to west)

Arlington-West End neighborhood (formerly Zone 11)

(formerly Zone 8)