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MAX Transit Route 5 is a bus route serviced by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority from Birmingham Central Station to Ensley/Wylam.

Major stops along both the outbound and inbound route include the Central Station, 3rd Avenue West and 12th Street West, Ensley Avenue and Bessemer Road, Avenue F and 20th Street Ensley, and 56th Street and 13th Avenue.

Weekday service is provided between 5:30 AM and 8:25 PM at at 45 minute intervals throughout the day. Saturday service is provided between 7:00 AM and 8:33 PM at 1.5 hour intervals throughout the day.


In 1960 Birmingham Transit Company Route 5 also followed the Ensley-Fairfield-Wylam route, heading westward out of town along 3rd Avenue North to 3rd Avenue West and Bessemer Road. At Ensley Avenue the route turned north to 20th Street Ensley, then southwest along Avenue E. At 34th Street one branch turned north into Wylam, taking 9th Avenue Wylam to Erie Street, further along 7th Avenue Wylam to Lexington Street, then looped back down 6th Avenue Wylam and Knoxville Street and back to 7th Avenue. A second branch continued along Avenue E into Fairfield, taking Gary Avenue and Valley Road as far as Wire Mill Road before looping back.

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  • "Birmingham Transit Route Map" published in Birmingham Transit Company (1960) The Story of Birmingham Transit. Birmingham: Birmingham Transit Company.

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