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Marie Stokes Jemison (born December 3, 1918; died December 5, 2004 in Birmingham) was a feminist, essayist and cultural activist.

Marie married Dick Quisenberry and had two children, Dick and Dorothy, who were later adopted by her second husband, John Jemison Jr. She had two more children with him, John III and Margaret Lloyd. The family resided at 2401 Henrietta Road in Redmont Park until 1969, when they moved into a modern-style house designed by Fritz Woehle on Dell Road in Mountain Brook.

Jemison was active in liberal politics and in promoting arts and culture in Birmingham. She co-founded the Friends of Miles College in the 1960s and was instrumental in the development of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. She served on the Birmingham Public Library board of directors and helped establish the library's Archives Department. In 1975 she wrote a satirical play entitled "Wallaces' Alabama" which was performed on Broadway before the attempted assassination of George Wallace. Her recollections have been published in An Alabama Scrapbook and I Wish I Was in Dixie.


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