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Myron James Massey (born c. 1953; died August 8, 1985) was a Fairfield police corporal who was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Before coming to Fairfield, Massey worked as a patrolman for the Warrior Police Department.

Massey was shot and killed during a traffic stop on I-20. He had pulled over a car matching the description of one involved in an earlier armed robbery. One of the two men in the car shot him. Both suspects were caught and charged with capital murder. One of them was given a sentence of life in prison and the other, Patrick Carr, the suspected shooter, was sent to a juvenile detention facility. Carr escaped from that institution and was recaptured and sent to the West Jefferson Correctional Facility. While there he murdered corrections officer Bill Donaldson and was convicted and given a death sentence. Carr hanged himself in 1994.

Massey is remembered, along with Officer W. H. Coleman on a monument in Fairfield Memorial Park on Gary Avenue. The street in front of Miles College was re-named Myron Massey Boulevard in his honor.

His sister, Vickie Massey Thomas, was also a Fairfield police officer and later became a dispatcher for the Midfield Police Department.


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