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Nabeel's Café & Market in 2021

Nabeel's Café & Market was a Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store located at 1706 Oxmoor Road at the intersection with Central Avenue.

It was founded by Palestinian-born Nabeel Shunnarah as a grocery in 1971, catering mainly to Greek customers, but also stocking Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Israeli and Iranian staples.

The grocery was purchased in 1993 by EBSCO marketing executive John Krontiras and his wife Ottavia, who expanded the café part of the business, featuring Greek and Italian specialties.

The original restaurant was located three doors from the corner, in what was later called the Cafe Capri and used for overflow and private dining. Krontiras expanded first into a beauty shop next door (later the main entrance) and then into the corner florist (Nabeel's Market, selling imported and prepared foods).

The Krontiras' son Anthony took over operation of the business in 2001. Maria Gambino managed the restaurant and catering business and brothers Alan, Marvin, Melvin and Keith Nelson shared duties as chefs in the kitchen.

In 2017 the restaurant was sold to Ramsey Duck. The market space closed in 2019 to make way for an expansion of Hero Doughnuts. The Café's hours expanded to include lunch and brunch and the exterior murals were painted over.

Nabeel's Café closed at the end of September 2022. The owners cited difficulty keeping staff, the rising cost of goods and rent, supply chain issues, and losses incurred by delivery service commissions as factors in the decision to close.



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