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Hero Doughnuts & Buns is a doughnut shop and cafe founded by Wil Drake and Jason Wallis. The business started as a "pop-up" in 2016, selling large brioche-based doughnuts at Pepper Place Market and Big Bad Breakfast.

In late summer 2017 the business moved into its present location at 3207 Central Avenue in Homewood. The owners expanded the breakfast offerings with kolaches and breakfast sandwiches, and added a lunch menu featuring brioche-bun burgers.

Hero Dougnuts expanded into the former Nabeel's Market on the corner in late 2019. The 1,100 square-foot expansion increased the inside seating capacity from 18 to 40.

In 2021 a second location opened at 314 Main Street in Trussville. A third opened soon later in the former Mile End Delicatessen space at Parkside Apartments on the corner of 1st Avenue South and 18th Street.


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