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Nelms Pharmacy is a locally-owned pharmacy located at 115 Watterson Parkway in Trussville. The owner is Chace Nelms.

Nelms grew up at his parents' pharmacy, so owning his own had been dream since childhood. He worked as a pharmacist at the Trussville Walmart for nine years before starting his own drug store. It opened in a former hair salon at 108 Watterson Parkway on May 8, 2013. Nelms' prime motivation was job satisfaction. While he would typically fill around 600 prescriptions a day at Walmart, that left him no time to build a relationship with his customers. In 2013, he was filling around 10-20 prescriptions per day, but had time to talk to customers.

In 2017, the pharmacy moved into a new building constructed on at 115 Watterson Parkway, with twice the space as the original building. A soda fountain was added to the store in the move, which also includes a drive-up window.

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