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New Vulcan Ale House was a planned restaurant and brewpub which was to have opened at 213 24th Street North in the former Jackson Hotel (later the chapel for the Jimmie Hale Mission). Tome Reinhart, Gary Dale and Brian McMillan were partners in the venture. They signed a lease with building owners Ed and Leo Ticheli and planned a $2 million redevelopment of the property, which they hoped to open by April 15, 2008.

Dale would have managed the 400-seat venue while his nephews Jake and Nate would have worked under executive chef McMillan in the kitchen. RLS Design Group created renovation plans. Plans called for the ale house to have six different beers made on the premises and a wide-ranging restaurant menu.

In July of 2008 the construction barriers announcing the development were removed. The Terminal confirmed that the brewpub proposal had been scuttled. McMillian dropped out of the project, and at the time Reinhardt and Dale were negotiating with an investor who would buy the building and then lease it to them, and were seeking additional investors in order to finance the opening of the restaurant.

The building was purchased in 2010 by Jeremy Wood who plans to build a loft residence for himself on the upper floor and renovate the ground floor for a retail tenant. Wood's renovations uncovered murals dating from the 1930s when the building was a weed and feed store.


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