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The Jimmie Hale Mission is a provider of meals, shelter and services to Birmingham's homeless population. The charity mission now provides on average over 160 beds over 500 meals per day along with chapel and Bible-based substance recovery programs, counseling and case management. Its annual budget is almost $8 million per year. It is supported primarily through private donations. The Mission operates four centers around the city.

The Jimmie Hale Mission was founded in March 1944 by James William Hale, a former alcoholic, and his wife Jessie as a storefront chapel at 2117 2nd Avenue North, the same building where Jimmie had once tended bar. In November 1944, Jimmie died and his 27-year old widow, pregnant with their child, took over operation of the fledgling mission. It was relocated several times until finding a home at 2403 3rd Avenue North.

Jessie was joined in 1954 by a railroad worker and Southeastern Bible College student, Leo Shepura, who became co-superintendent and stayed for 36 years. That Thanksgiving the Mission served its first meal. It remained at that site for 57 years.

Tony Cooper, former pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, became director of the Jimmie Hale Mission in 1990. At that time the organization had and annual budget of $350,000 and only five employees. Under his leadership the budget grew to $9.5 million and the staff was increased to nearly 180. In Spring 2007 the mission relocated to the former Thomas School at 3420 2nd Avenue North. Until 2018 Jimmie Hale Mission operated three "Mission Possible" thrift stores.

In 2022 the Jimmie Hale Mission kicked off a $10 million capital fund-raising campaign with a $1.5 million donation from Phillip McWane. The funds will be used to modernize all the mission's buildings and expand its transitional facilities for program graduates.



Shepura Men's Center

The Jimmie Hale Mission's primary location is the Shepura Men's Center, which opened in the former Thomas School on April 22, 2007. The long-vacant building, constructed in 1908, was leased at a nominal rate from the city of Birmingham. The structure, which required $2 million for restoration and modification, housed 175 beds on three floors. A newer multipurpose building on the site includes a dining hall kitchen and clothes closet.

Later construction phases on the 3.5-acre site added a dedicated chapel, administrative offices and classrooms, and an outdoor recreation yard with basketball court. These projects were expected to cost around $3 million. In January 2009 the mission was awarded a $245,000 federal grant to assist in development of the education and administration building.

The Center's former 90-bed "Brother Leo Men's Center" downtown was sold for $500,000 to developers Ed and Leo Ticheli who planned to spend $5 million converting the building into loft condominiums and retail space.

In 2022 the Mission acquired the property from the city for $100 under an agreement to continue its services, and made plans to upgrade the men's center from open bunk rooms and communal baths to 4-person suites with individual baths. The project was expected to cost $4.5 million, some of which would be furnished from the federal Community Reinvestment Act.

Royal Pines Center

The Mission's Royal Pines Center in Bangor, Blount County, established in 1995, provides an intensive version of the 16-week addiction recovery program. Services are provided free of charge, with clients or their supporters providing donations as they are able. The facility has 28 beds and requires clients to participate in church services and work details in addition to classwork and counseling.

Jessie's Place

This article is about the women's shelter. For the restaurant and bar on Morris Avenue, see Jesse's Place.

Jessie's Place is a women's and children's shelter located at 2305 5th Avenue North downtown in the Kenneth O. Owens, Jr Building. It was opened in March 1998 and is named after Jessie Hale Downs. The center accommodates 35 women and children, living dormitory-style. Individual families stay, on average, three to six months receiving remedial education, job training, counseling, and instruction in parenting and life skills in addition to food and shelter.

All women receiving services at Jessie's Place are required to attend church and those with incomes are required to include tithing in their personal budgets. For the sake of convenience, the shelter shuttles clients to one church service, at the Woodlawn campus of Church of the Highlands.

In 2022 the mission announced a long-term plan to develop a larger facility as the future home of Jessie's Place.

Stewart Learning Center

The Stewart Learning Center is a computer-based educational facility located at 2330 2nd Avenue North serving both the Men's Center and Jessie's Place. It was dedicated on November 15, 2001. A second satellite center is located inside the Royal Pines Center.

The Learning Center utilizes the NOVA career education program for individualized instruction. The course includes basic work skills and character development along with job searching techniques and problem assessment.


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