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This article is about the existing short, residential street. For the major thoroughfare, see Oporto-Madrid Boulevard.
Detail of a 1957 Standard Oil street map showing the route of Oporto Avenue south of Red Gap

Oporto Avenue is a north-south residential street in the Brown Springs neighborhood. It stretches for three blocks from 71st Street to 74th Street South. The Brown Springs Ecoscape is at the northwest corner of Oporto and 73rd Street South. St James Baptist Church is across the street from the Ecoscape.

Oporto Avenue is named for the second-largest city in Portugal. Most of the avenues nearby paralleling it are also named for major European cities.

Sometime between the mid-1940s and early 1950s, two roads south of Red Gap and east of the route of Madrid Avenue were renamed as Naples and Oporto Avenues to match the two roads east of Madrid on the north side of the gap. At the time, Naples was routed to easily feed traffic crossing the gap onto Oporto. Eventually the rest of Naples was removed and the entire road became Oporto Avenue (sometimes called Oporto Road). This road extended from Red Gap southward across U.S. Highway 78 to Montclair Road, and then jogged over eastward to connect to Montevallo Road at Shades Avenue. This small section between Montclair and Montevallo is now named Oporto Way.

Much of this southern Oporto Avenue's route was incorporated into the modern Oporto-Madrid Boulevard during redevelopment projects that included Eastwood Mall, Century Plaza, and I-20.

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