Ousler Sandwiches

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Dana Ousler with his delivery truck

Ousler Sandwiches, also called Ousler's, makes chicken salad, pimiento cheese, egg salad, cream cheese & olive, ham salad and ham & cheese sandwiches on white or wheat bread, often cut into four strips to serve at parties and meetings. The store also sells individual sandwiches and box lunches.

The wholesale sandwich maker was founded in 1915 by Dana Ousler at 912 22nd Street South near Five Points South to make sandwiches sold at newsstands and work sites. When Ousler retired in 1953 he sold the business to a long-time employee, Christine Elmore, who ran it with her two children, Bill and Jayne. They moved the operation to 201 42nd Street South in Avondale in 1971, adding wholesale clients like vending machine distributors.

In 2005 the company moved to 2814 Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook Village, with Bill Elmore and his wife, Becky Elmore running the business. Their children, Jenny, LeAnn and Brian Elmore also help out.


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