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This article is about the rap group, for the area of Birmingham historically associated with brothels, see Pigeon Roost.
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Red Light District was a rap group active from 1994 to 2006. It grew out of the trio Southern Comffort which was comprised of Patrick "S. Fly" Johnson along with "The Phantom" and "Vic the Truth". After Kevin "Blac Boy" Edwards and Rudy joined, the quintet adopted the name Red Light District. The group expanded its reach by adopting other area hip hop artists into the "family", including Q. Lee and P. A. W. who became official members in 1997. Green Jeans and D. Live came on board in 1998, and Billy Billions, Frost and Jake Steel joined in 2000. The additions of John Woodlawn and Dogrue in 2006 solidified the group's line-up.

In addition to its full-length albums and singles, Red Light District released a number of "underground" mix CDs and also recorded advertisements for WABM-TV (2000 fall jingle), St Ides, and local political campaigns. In 2007 S. Fly served as music director for the Alabama Public Television documentary "Mr Dial Has Something to Say". He and other members of Red Light District along with Reginald Walker provided much of the film's Emmy-nominated score and soundtrack.

At its peak, Red Light District was one of the most celebrated hip hop groups in Birmingham, winning the inaugural "Best Hop Hop Group" at the 1998 Birmingham Area Music Awards and an award for "Best Rap Group of All Time" at the 2001 Dirty Thirty Music Awards. In 2007 Red Light District was presented with the "Alabama Hip Hop Pioneers Award" at the Alabama Underground Music Awards. The following year, the Museum of Urban Art gave the group its "Hip Hop Icon Award". In 2018 the Alabama Music Hall of Fame included Red Light District in its inaugural "Alabama Hip Hop Music" exhibit.


  • Red Light District (1996) "I Know" single
  • Red Light District (1997) Welcome to the Red Light, Vol. I
  • Red Light District (1998, 2000) The Session
  • Red Light District (2003) Red Light Anthology Mix CD I
  • Red Light District (2003) The John Woodlawn Project
  • Red Light District (2006) Red Light Anthology Mix CD 2

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