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Simply Fashions was a discount women's clothing retailer based in Birmingham. The company sold most items for under $15 and targeted African-American customers. It operated about 285 stores in 22 states, and was also the parent of Fashion Trend chain. The company's offices were located at 2500 Crestwood Boulevard.

Founded as Simply $6 in 1987 under the Bargain Town USA division of Montgomery's Enstar, Inc, the chain was purchased out of bankruptcy by the sons of Bargain Town USA founder Mervyn Barstein, Mark and Rodney in 1991. Mark handled the merchandising while Rodney managed operations.

In 2008 the company was named as the defendent in a federal lawsuit alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Adinath Corp. was added as a general partner and Swapnil Shah became CEO.

Revenues for the chain peaked at around $114 million per year between 2006 and 2011. The company began closing underperforming locations, but also acquired another retail chain, "Dots," out of its bankruptcy, adding about 60 former Dots locations. Nevertheless, revenues dropped to $65 million in 2014, an average net loss of $38,449 for each of the chain's remaining 250 locations.

In 2015 Simply Fashions filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and made plans to liquidate, with stores set to close in June.


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