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Crestwood Boulevard is the section of U. S. Highway 78 running from 5th Avenue South and 47th Street to somewhere near John Rogers Drive in Irondale. It is so-named because it traverses the Crestwood neighborhood before crossing Red Mountain just south of Red Gap. It was labeled as the Avondale-Irondale Super Highway on a 1964 road map.

East of Montevallo Road the Boulevard follows a route more or less parallel to I-20.

The section of Crestwood Boulevard between Irondale and Crestwood Festival Center was landscaped in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games. Gradco, Inc. was paid $26,000 to install new plantings specified by landscape architect Mike Kirk to continue the style used already in Irondale.

In April 2019 the Birmingham City Council approved 20% matching funds to commission a Crestwood APPLE Study/Crestwood Boulevard Corridor Study through the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham to determine of the Boulevard could be redesigned according to "complete street" principles, with improved access for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Notable locations (west to east)


Crestwood North (north) / Crestwood South (south)

Eastwood (north) / Crestline (south)




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