Smith Family Compound

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The P. E. Smith Family Compound or Smith Family Farm is a 33-acre, 8-parcel private subdivision at the intersection of Sanders Road and Savoy Street in Hoover's Bluff Park community. The property was assembled by P. E. Smith and his family members beginning in the 1940s, it is recognizable for its large white barn and white-painted post-and-rail fence.

The first 2-story house was constructed in 1969. Three other houses were constructed in the 1970s, along with a pond and swimming pool. The barn, which serves as an automobile garage, was added later. Five of the parcels are zoned for single-family residential use and three are zoned for agricultural use.

The entire property was auctioned off for $3,118,500 on October 30, 2019. The City of Hoover budgeted funds to try to acquire some or all of the property for a future public park, envisioned as similar to Spain Park, but was unsuccessful. Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe owner David Hare acquired the two corner parcels, which he said he would preserve. The other six went to an unnamed residential developer.