Bluff Park

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Bluff Park is a community located in Hoover atop Shades Mountain.

Bluff Park was originally developed as a summer vacation site and mountain resort. Gardner Hale bought the mountain property in the 1860's and named it Hale Springs. One of the first recorded uses of the name "Bluff Park" was for the Bluff Park Hotel, built in 1907.

The annual Bluff Park Art Show started in 1963.

In 1973 a group of Bluff Park residents organized as the Bluff Park Action Committee to lobby for the repeal of a 1927 law that allowed municipalities to levy partial taxes in unincorporated areas within their police jurisdiction. They argued that Vestavia Hills had been levying such taxes while only providing nominal services to the community. State Representative Bobby Timmons told the group he would sponsor a bill to exempt Jefferson County from that law.