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Sweet Bones Alabama was a barbeque restaurant in The Summit. It was opened in September 2008.

Sweet Bones Alabama was originally known as Bonedaddy's. For a year between August 2007 and August 2008, Bonedaddy's operated at The Village at Lee Branch in Greystone. The restaurant's owners, John Cowan, Jimmy Taylor Sr and his sons Jimmy and Brett, announced in mid-July 2008 that they would be opening a second Bonedaddy's in the former On the Border restaurant location at The Summit, slated to open in late September. After being approached for franchises by a development company in Florida, and discovering the name "Bone Daddy's" was being used by a 4-restaurant chain in Texas, it was decided to change the name to Sweet Bones Alabama. It was also decided in early August to close the Greystone location and transfer the 60 employees to the larger Summit location.

In 2009 Alamerica Bank filed a lawsuit against the restaurants' owners alleging default on a $125,000 loan taken out for Bonedaddy's.

In 2010, Sweet Bones began selling 3 sauces in retail locations, as well as their muffin mix. The owners were looking at possible expansion areas such as Auburn and Tuscaloosa.

In February 2011 Cowan left the partnership and the Taylor brothers took over active management of Sweet Bones Alabama. They added new investment partners and began revamping the restaurant with a new music-themed menu and a greater reliance on live music to keep customers at their tables late at night. Jimmy & Brett often took the stage with investor Meredith Lyemance as the restaurant's house band.

The Taylors backed away from active management in late 2011. The restaurant closed on February 14, 2012.

Restaurant chain Seasons 52 signed a lease on the former Sweet Bones Alabama site in March. It is the first Seasons 52 restaurant in Alabama.


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