Thomas Hillman

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Thomas Hillman

Thomas Tennessee Hillman (born February 2, 1844; died August 1905) was prominent as a citizen and businessman in Birmingham's iron industry.

Early in 1879 he formed a partnership with Henry F. DeBardeleben to build a blast furnace in Birmingham. He named Birmingham's first furnace "Alice" after his partner's daughter.

The output from Alice Furnace set new records for Alabama iron production. Under Hillman's expert guidance, the plant became a celebrated landmark in the city's development of an iron industry. Hillman later became a generous benefactor to the city's First Methodist Church and its first hospital. Hillman Hospital at UAB was named for him.

He was a prominent member of the Methodist Church in Nashville while he resided there, and in Birmingham he was devoted to the interests of the church there. He died on August 3, 1905 and was buried at Mt Olivet Cemetery in Nashville.


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