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The Knightmares were a rock and roll / rockabilly band formed in 1956 by guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Baker Knight. The rest of the band was made up of bassist Shuler Brown, keyboardist A. D. Derby, drummer Bill Weinstein and sax-players Glenn Lane and Nat Toderice.

The group was signed to Birmingham's Kit Records and recorded at Homer Milam's Artists Recording Company, gathered around a single microphone. Their first record, "Bop Boogie to the Blues", brought some success, but it was their follow-up, "Bring My Cadillac Back" which became a regional hit and attracted attention from Decca Records.

Though it sold 40,000 copies in two weeks, "Bring My Cadillac Back" was rejected by pop radio stations who declined to provide what they considered free advertising to Cadillac. Decca dropped the band, but kept Knight, assigning arranger Ray Ellis and studio musicans to work with him on "Reelin' and Rockin' (Bippin' and Boppin' Over You)", "Just a Little Bit More", and "Love-A, Love-A, Love-A". When those singles failed to sell well, Knight was dropped.


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