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The US-Israel Education Association (USIEA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization that organizes tours, events, and educational materials for politicians, in support of closer political, cultural and trade ties between the United States and Israel and, in particular, to stress the strategic importance and daily challenges of Isreali settlers in the West Bank and to counter what it describes as "Palestinian propaganda" about Israel.

The group was founded in 2011 by Heather Johnston, and shares offices at 402 Office Park Drive in Mountain Brook's Office Park with the JH Ranch Christian ministry operated be her and her husband, Bruce.

In 1997 the Johnstons befriended Ron Nachman, founder and mayor of the Israeli West Bank settlement of Ariel. They initiated an exchange program and founded JH Israel, an offshoot of the JH Ranch's leadership programs for young people, and supported the city's establishment of an "Ariel National Leadership Center" to provide leadership training to Israeli youth. The center is a featured stop on USIEA's fact-finding tours. Ari Sacher, described as the architect of the Israeli "Iron Dome" missile defense system, is USIEA's education director.

JH Israel and the US-Israel Education Association both receive financial support from the JH Israel and US-Israel Education Association Foundation.


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