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Unity of Birmingham is a free-thought spiritual congregation located at 2803 Highland Avenue South near Rhodes Park. The church is part of the "New Thought" movement, now known as the Association of Unity Churches, which was founded by Charles and Myrtle Page Fillmore in 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Unity Center in Birmingham began as a study group which met at Birmingham City Hall in 1919 and was chartered in May 1928 with 12 members, growing to over 200 members in the course of the next year. The congregation moved into a newly-constructed building on Highland Avenue in 1973.

Unity of Birmingham operates a bookstore and lending library and offers counseling and stress management workshops in addition to hosting spiritual services and weddings. The church was a haven for author James Redfield while he was working on his novel The Celestine Prophecy.



  • Garrison, Greg (June 25, 2013) "Unity of Birmingham minister Jerry Bartholow's last lesson was on dying with grace and dignity." The Birmingham News

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