Villaggio Colafrancesco

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Villaggio Colafrancesco is an Italian-themed café, gelateria and salumeria opened in 2022 by Terry Colafrancesco in a former garage adjoining the Allen Kendrick residence at 3600 Cedar Lane, just off U.S. Highway 280, adjacent to Cowboys gas station in front of the Village at Lee Branch shopping center in Hoover.

Villaggio Colafrancesco has strict rules for customers, barring electronic devices, photography, and immodest dress from its premises.

The business serves as a pickup point and retail outlet for Old Century Meats, a livestock operation in Sterett staffed by members of the Caritas Community. The gelateria, a franchise of Rome, Italy's Old Bridge Gelato, also plans to use cream from Caritas' dairy.

The business held an open house on August 31, 2022 and opened to the public on October 10.


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