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Wilson Chapel United Methodist Church, also called Wilson Chapel or The Little Brown Church in the Wildwood, is a United Methodist church located at 412 Cumberland Drive, at the intersection with Balcourt Drive in Birmingham's Roebuck Springs neighborhood.

The cemetery predates the church building by nearly a century. It was in use as early as 1818 by Audley Hamilton, who buried some of his slaves there. The cemetery passed through his daughter, Frances to her husband James Wilson, who deeded the cemetery to the Methodist Church in 1896. Wilson's daughters Rosa Eubanks and Minnie Constantine built the present chapel in 1916 as a memorial to their parents. The chapel, used for weddings, community meetings and interdenominational services, became the home of a regular Methodist congregation in 1955.

The back wall of the chapel features a painting reproducing scenes from the Bible copied from Michaelangelo's frescoes at the Vatican's Sistine Chapel.

A brick modern Gothic revival sanctuary building was completed in 1967. It seats 400 worshipers.

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