Y. E. Holloway

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Young Edward Holloway (born April 1846 in Dallas County; died June 6, 1908 in Woodland, Lauderdale County) was a physician who opened a Private Medical Dispensary in downtown Birmingham on August 3, 1887. He moved his practice to the Steiner Building after it was built in 1890.

Holloway specialized in the treatment of "private diseases", which he enumerated as, "syphilis, gonorrhoea, gleet, leucorrhoea, blood, skin and kidney or bladder diseases, pimples, blotches, eczema, scrofula, tumors, sore mouth and throat, rheumatism, womb troubles, or any trouble whatsoever of a private form," including "sexual debility, lost manhood, nightly emissions, losses at stool, etc." in men, which could have been caused by "early imprudence, errors of youth or sexual excesses, resulting in impaired vigor, loss of vitality, loss of manhood, nervous prostration, failure of memory, etc." potentially causing men to be unfit "for marriage or the pleasures of life". In newspaper advertisements, Holloway offered guaranteed cures either by personal visit or by mail. For patients who traveled to his dispensary, he even offered to reimburse railroad fares and hotel charges if his cures failed.

Holloway advertised for his dispensary until at least September 1903. He died of apoplexy in 1908 and was buried at Elmwood Cemetery.