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Rendering of the Yeilding Chapel

Yeilding Chapel is a Christian chapel located on the campus of Birmingham-Southern College. It was dedicated in 1967 in memory of Frank Yeilding by his six sons, all of whom attended Birmingham-Southern.

The tall, twelve-sided modern-style chapel was designed by Davis, Speake & Associates to complement the nearby Meyer Planetarium. The nave seats 108 people, arrayed around a central altar, and is equipped with a two manual, 24 stop, 5 rank Schantz pipe organ and an upright piano. The building also includes a narthex and offices for the college's chaplain and a secretary.

Yeilding Chapel holds weekly services and hosts various events, including concerts and weddings. Its doors are kept open at all hours for prayer and meditation. Four tall stained-glass windows dramatize the doctrine of the Holy Trinity utilizing the colors of the liturgical calendar. Light streaming through the chapel's stained glass dome filters through a metallic screen and illuminates a crucifix suspended above the altar. The altar's marble slab is supported on twelve arches, each carved to represent one of Christ's apostles.


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