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Yellow Cab Company of Birmingham, Inc., operating as a division of Greater Birmingham Transportation Services LLC is a privately-owned taxi service operating in the Birmingham area. Its offices are located at 5804 Oporto-Madrid Boulevard South in Birmingham's Eastwood neighborhood.

The company was operating as early as the mid 1920s. It was incorporated in 1955 by J. J. Latsis, and is currently led by president Ellis Houston. In 1961 Yellow Cab acquired the Veterans' Cab Company of Birmingham.

In 2021 Yellow Cab began partnering with WHC Worldwide/zTrip of Kansas City, Missouri to modernize its operations. The zTrip app would handle booking, payments and cost-tracking. ZTrip would also provide marketing and driver recruitment support to Yellow Cab. Unlike other "Ride-sharing" or transportation network companies, rates would remain regulated by law; drivers would remain employees, driving company-owned cars; and cabs could still be hailed on the street. The company won approval from the Birmingham City Council to update its Birmingham transportation ordinance, allowing it to operate vehicles without a rooftop light or distinctive paint scheme, and to replace permanently installed meters with smartphone apps.


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