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We're looking forward to building a community of active contributors to the Bhamwiki, but we're moving cautiously, hoping to avoid some of the well-publicized problems experienced by Wikipedia's phenomenal growth. We'd still love to have some help though. Here's the deal:

To become a contributor to the Bhamwiki, users must agree to the following terms:

  1. Users will contribute to the goals of the Bhamwiki, to create an accurate, objective, accessible, and comprehensive resource for anyone curious about Birmingham and the surrounding region.
  2. Users will abide by the policies of the Bhamwiki. Contributions should be cited from reliable sources, written to be free of bias, pertinent to the Birmingham District, and compatible with our copyright requirements.
  3. Users will maintain a civil and productive attitude in collaborating on this project. Disputes should only arise regarding article content, and those disputes will be handled generously and humbly. Procedures for resolving disputes will evolve as needed, but Wikipedia's established processes are a good general guide.

Incidents of failure to abide by these agreements and policies will result in reversing of improper edits and a warning -- Gentle reminders for harmless errors and strong warnings for abuse or vandalism. Repeated infractions may result in a temporary blocks, permanent bans, or other action. Violations of copyright law or libelous statements will be removed immediately and dealt with harshly.

Ultimately the administrators' decisions on any matter internal to Bhamwiki will be final and without appeal. We don't plan to ever be unfair, but if you think we have been, don't try to harass us. It won't help.

How to get an account

If you agree to these conditions and would like to receive a password (which you will be able to change later), introduce yourself in an e-mail to admin at (replace "at" with @). We'll reply promptly (not automatically super-promptly) and welcome you warmly. Be sure to specify your Username in the email. If none is specified, we'll use your real name or the username from your email address.

Note: Public figures or representatives of organizations and businesses covered in Bhamwiki may contribute to the project under the same terms. It is helpful for the transparency of the project if such associations are highlighted on your user page and if the broader community is involved in minimizing bias. For more discussion, see Bhamwiki:Conflicts of interest.