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Shiloh (born c. 2010) is a German shepherd used by the Homewood Police Department from 2012 until 2018. His handlers were Officer Keith Smith and Corporal Ted Springfield.

Shiloh and Justice arrived from Kentucky on April 2, 2012. Shiloh originated from the Czech Republic. After their arrival, both dogs were trained to smell narcotics, work on patrol, and apprehend suspects at the Huntsville Police Department in Madison County. Both dogs are expected to serve for eight to nine years before they are retired.

A naming contest for the dogs was open to Homewood elementary students. "Shiloh" was submitted by Daisy Valencia, a fifth-grader at Edgewood Elementary School. For her winning entry, she won a stuffed German shepherd, a framed certificate with a picture of Shiloh, and a scooter.

Shiloh and Justice retired from HPD in May 2018 and Shiloh now resides with his final handler Corporal Springfield and family.