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28h Avenue South is a series of discontinuous streets totaling approximately 0.7 miles in Homewood. The most traveled portion of the road is just under 1/2-mile long, connecting Central Avenue with the Red Mountain Expressway/Independence Drive.

East of 18th Street, this main section was previously known as Howard Street, while west of that intersection it was known as Rosedale Street. East-bound traffic wishing to continue on 28th must curve south on to Central Avenue and then turn right back on to 28th. The road then makes a sharp turn north on to Woodfern Court before turning left back on to 28th. Both sections west of Central were previously known as 15th Street. The roads were renamed as 28th Avenue during the 1940s when Homewood renamed several streets to align with Birmingham's street numbering system.

The eastern end at Central Avenue is two lanes, but the road expands to three lanes (two west-bound) between Crescent and Linden Avenues. The center lane become a left-turn-only at 18th Street. West of 18th, the entire road is three lanes, including the center turn lane.

Notable locations

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