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Aeromarin's Eastwood Mall showroom

The Aeromarine Supply Company (originally Aero Service & Supply Co.) was a sporting goods retailer. It began as an automotive and aviation supply company founded by Harold Wood, who also owned the Wood Chevrolet dealership. His son, Robert took over management of the business after World War II and changed the name to Aeromarine in 1955 when he took ownership of the company.

The original store was located at 5701 Airport Highway in Woodlawn. James Earl Ray purchased a Remington hunting rifle at that location on March 30, 1968. He later used that gun to kill Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis, Tennessee.

The company also opened a boat showroom at Eastwood Mall in the 1960s.

Aeromarine was most recently located at 4400 Valley Road in Trussville, where it now does business as the Logan Martin Boating Center.


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