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AGA Logo, designed by Joel Lockridge

The Alabama Geocachers Association was formed in Birmingham on October 17, 2003 by a group of local geocachers. Every October or early November, the group celebrates its formation at Oak Mountain State Park, with a day of hiking the park and finding the scores of geocaches around the park.

Geocaching is a sport started in May 2000 in Oregon, where one person hides a container, marks the coordinates, creates a listing on one of several geocaching websites, and others take those coordinates and find the hidden "cache". The finder signs a log sheet and leaves the container in place for the next finder.

The first geocache hidden in Alabama was placed in Civitan Park in Trussville on January 2, 2001 by Bill Jordan. A 20-year celebration was held at the park on February 6, 2020, with attendees from several states joining the AGA members.

The AGA hosts events monthly, both on weekends with organized cache runs, and a weekday dinner. The events are listed, with coordinates, on the website, and are open to the public. The group is also active in environmentally-friendly activities, hosting site clean-ups around the area, known as CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) events. The AGA teaches geocaching each year at the Moss Rock Festival, as well as at other locations throughout the year.

On April 13, 2012, partnering with Alabama State Parks, the 2012 Alabama State Park Geocaching Challenge was introduced, with special geocaches hidden at each state park. Teams competed to complete the challenge, with two teams completing the task within the first four days.


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