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Jessi (born c. 1994 in the Netherlands; died March 14, 2010 in Tuscaloosa) was a German Shepherd police dog with training in explosives detection. She was bought by the Tuscaloosa Police Department in 2000 and partnered with trainer Trent Kempster.

As one of only a few dogs trained to detect explosives in the state, Jessi was kept busy at Alabama Crimson Tide football games and other major events (including Auburn Tigers football home games and visits by federal officials including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.) She also visited numerous schools and community events as part of the department's outreach efforts until she retired in 2005.

After retiring, Jessi remained with Kempster, living at his home. She had a cancerous tumor in her stomach that was successfully removed. In 2010 she suffered a stroke that left her unable to stand and was euthanized.


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