John M. Connolly

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John Malechi Connolly (born July 6, 1907 in Birmingham; died April 29, 1946 in Pensacola, Florida) was a radio announcer and manager for WBRC-AM.

Connolly was the son of trainmaster John Connolly and his second wife, Mary Elizabeth. Two of his seven siblings, Dudley and James, also had successful careers in radio. He married Anna Mae Sullivan and had four children.

By 1942 Connolly was an assistant manager of the station. He developed a "Farmer's Exchange" segment for the daybreak "Riding the Sunrise Trail" farm report program. The segment, which debuted on August 31, 1942 was sponsored by and operated by the Alabama Novelty House.

Connolly was made station manager in the mid-1940s. When he died in 1946 he was succeeded by Howell Cobb.