North Birmingham Park (1898)

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This article is about the former athletic park built in 1898 for the Birmingham Athletic Club. For the former golf links, see Mineral Springs Park. For the current park, see North Birmingham Park.

North Birmingham Park was an athletic field in North Birmingham. It built in 1898 by the Birmingham Traction Company for the Birmingham Athletic Club on the former Jefferson Steel Works site, near Village Creek and across from the Sloss Iron & Steel Company's North Birmingham Furnaces on 26th Street North.

The park's field was by the Athletic Club's football team, and also hosted home games for the University of Alabama, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, and Birmingham High School.

A Thanksgiving Day game in 1898 pitted the club's team against the officers of Camp Shipp in Anniston (later renamed Fort McClellan).

Another Thanksgiving game, on November 29, 1900 between the University of Alabama and Clemson University was called early due to impending darkness, an unruly crowd, and the Tigers' dominating 35-0 lead. It was Alabama's only game on that field.