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The Periclean Club was a social and literary club of African American women. It was founded by Myra Bryant, and was affiliated with the Alabama Association of Women's Clubs.

The club was known for bringing black literary figures to Birmingham for their "Negro Authors Week". Notable guests included Langston Hughes at First Congregational Christian Church for the inaugural event in 1932, and James Weldon Johnson at 16th Street Baptist Church in 1937.

Later the club invited successful African American leaders to Birmingham to speak during Negro History Week. Psychologist Kenneth B. Clark spoke to the group on February 17, 1956, Alabama State College president H. Trenholm was featured speaker in 1958, and American delegate to the United Nations Ralph Bunche addressed the club on February 13, 1959.

The president of the organization in 1932 was Mrs B. J. Anderson. Other members included Mrs H. C. Bryant, Mrs J. W. Goodgame, Mrs J. E. Hutchinson, Mrs E. R. Johnson, and Nellie Brown.

In 1956 Minnie Gaston was the club president. Other members included Mrs D. V. Guice, Ellen Hayes, Mrs M. E. Chambliss, Mrs H. C. Bryant, Mrs C. S. Giscombe, Mrs S. J. Jordan, Mrs E. Paul Jones, Mrs E. H. Murphy, Mabel Neely, Mrs A. W. Plump, Mrs W. L. Turner, and Mrs R. O. White.

In 1959 Mrs Murphy was the club president and and Mrs H. D. Gregg had been added to the roster.


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