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Saul Weingeroff with Suji Sito and Tojo Yamamoto

Saul Weingeroff (born Solomon Weingeroff on March 6, 1916; died March 14, 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee) was a boxing promoter and wrestling manager.

Of the many wrestling managers that worked for promoters Nick Gulas and Roy Welch, Weingeroff was the most well-known. He knew how to get the crowd worked up, and he had usually accomplished that before he got to the ring. His career as a manager spanned over thirty years and he managed dozens of wrestlers, almost all of them tag teams. If a promoter wanted to get a heel tag team over the the fans, and Weingeroff was available, he was the man to call.

Weingeroff was often introduced as hailing from the nearest upscale neighborhood. In Birmingham that was Mountain Brook. On his way to the ring he would argue with the fans and once the match began he would spend much of the match arguing with ringside fans.

Gentleman Saul Weingeroff is most remembered for managing Kurt and Karl Von Brauner. The Von Brauners did a Nazi gimmick that would have been impossible to do today. In a time not that far removed from Hitler’s atrocities, it was permitted everywhere in the country. What made it bizarre for even those times was the fact that Saul Weingeroff was a Jew with an obviously Jewish name.

Weingeroff and the Von Brauners worked all over the United States. Florida and Tennessee (which included Birmingham) were two territories where they spent a lot of time, all of it at the top of the cards. After the Von Brauners split with Saul, he settled in Nashville, working primarily for Nick Gulas and Roy Welch.

A partial list of teams that Saul managed were The Spoilers (Lorenzo Parente and Joey Corea), Mephisto and Dante (Frankie Cain and Bobby Hart), Tojo Yamamoto and Sugi Sito, Tojo and Professor Ito, Tojo and Johnny Long, Sputnik and Rocket Monroe, The Islanders, and Randy and Angelo Poffo.

Late in his wrestling career, Weingeroff worked behind the scenes for Nick Gulas.

Saul owned a sign shop and worked as a Sheriff’s deputy near Nashville after leaving the wrestling business.

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