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City of {{{name}}}
Incorporated [[{{{year}}}]]
Population {{{population}}}
[[Mayor of {{{name}}}|Mayor]] [[{{{mayor}}}]]
School district [[{{{name}}} City Schools]]

[[{{{name}}} City Council]]
[[{{{name}}} Fire Department]]
[[{{{name}}} Police Department]]

Web site None
Locate with Google Maps


This template is for cities and towns. The following parameters are required:

  • name (name of the city or town)
  • year (year the city was incorporated)
  • population (self-explanatory)
  • mayor (name of the mayor)

The following parameters are optional, but will display the default if not specified:

  • type (usually "Town" or "City"; defaults to "City")
  • logo (image of city logo; include full image format (e.g. [[Image:Birmingham city logo.jpg|250px]]); defaults to blank space)
  • schools (the school district; defaults to "name City Schools")
  • council (the city's governing body; defaults to "name type Council", if type is specified, else "name City Council")
  • fire (the city's fire department; defaults to "name Fire Department")
  • police (the city's police department; defaults to "name Police Department")
  • website (official web site for the city; use normal external link format (e.g. [https://www.birminghamal.gov/ birminghamal.gov]); defaults to "None")
  • map (map of city location; include full image format (e.g. [[Image:Vestavia Hills map.png|255px]]); defaults to blank space)

This parameter is optional (and was added for Adamsville):

  • year2 (additional text after the year of incorporation; does not automatically link)

These parameters are also optional, having to do with the Google Maps link:

  • locate (city name for link; defaults to "name"; used when the name has spaces, which should be replaced with plus signs (+) (e.g. locate=Vestavia+Hills))
  • state (defaults to "AL")
  • zoom (0-17, recommended 10-16; defaults to 12)
  • maptype ("m" for map (default), "k" for satellite, "h" for hybrid)


{{Infobox City | name=Birmingham
| year=1871
| population=209,400
| mayor=Randall Woodfin
| website=[https://www.birminghamal.gov/ birminghamal.gov]
| fire=Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service
City of Birmingham
Incorporated 1871
Population 209,400
Mayor Randall Woodfin
School district Birmingham City Schools

Birmingham City Council
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service
Birmingham Police Department

Web site birminghamal.gov
Locate with Google Maps