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Vaughan-Weil was a ladies' clothing store located in the Graves Building at 1816 3rd Avenue North, across from the Alabama Theatre in downtown Birmingham. It was founded in 1941 by Ferd Weil and former Loveman's vice president Paul Vaughan. The store was known for its full-service fur department, offering cleaning, glazing, repairs and remodeling, as well as cold-storage.

The firm expanded into an storefront space vacated by Dailey's Clothes in 1961. The renovations were designed by architect Greer Holmquist and executed by the Mann Brothers Building Co..

The company opened a second location at Five Points West on August 29, 1964. The new store featured light-colored finishes and bright fluorescent lighting, accented by coach lamps and colored wall panels. The store was connected by interior door to the adjoining Jones-Lawless store. It was managed by Ferd Weil, Jr.

The business was liquidated in 1975, with the fur department re-opening as Weil Furs across the street.