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The W. D. Colby residence is a 1,660 square-foot 3-bedroom house located at 2931 Highland Avenue, near the intersection of 30th Street South, across from Rhodes Park. It was designed by William Welton for W. D. Colby, owner of the Birmingham Decorating Company. The home has been described as having been constructed in 1902, but almost certainly dates from the 1920s.

The rectangular one-story house is clad in stucco with ganged windows. The flat roof is surrounded by a stepped parapet, topped with a pair of urns flanking the central entrance bay. The front door is sheltered by a semi-circular portico supported on two round columns and two engaged half columns. It opens onto a paved terrace shaded by pergolas at either end. Welton described the style of the house as "Louis XVI", highlighting its neoclassical details, but may have modeled its appearance closely on a contemporary "California bungalow" in Pasadena.

In the 1950s the house was occupied by milliner and dressmaker Marguerite Sarris. Decorator Al Troncalli lived at the house in the 1980s and 1990s, after which it passed to his sister, Grace. She put the house up for sale in 2013 for $400,00. It sold in 2015 for $250,000 and again in 2017 for $485,000.

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