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Yolo Dessert Bar was a bakery and yogurt shop located at 619 Brookwood Boulevard at Brookwood Village. Owned by Ralph Yarbrough of Crestline Bagel Company, the shop's name stands for "You Only Live Once". Yolo served dessert wines and champagnes alongside pies, tarts, gelato, Higher Ground coffees and self-serve frozen yogurt. Leslie Carter baked the shop's cupcakes and tarts.

The Birmingham location, designed by Herrington Architects, opened in January 2011 and closed on November 23 of the same year. A second location in Mobile opened in February 2011.


  • Carlton, Bob (January 21, 2011) "New Yolo Dessert Bar in Homewood's Colonial Brookwood Village is more than just a yogurt shop." The Birmingham News
  • Carlton, Bob (November 30, 2011) "Birmingham's Yolo Dessert Bar closes after almost a year in business at Colonial Brookwood Village."The Birmingham News