2023 Vestavia Hills property tax referendum

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The 2023 Vestavia Hills property tax referendum was held in Vestavia Hills on May 9, 2023 to determine whether to increase the municipal property tax rate by by 9.8 mills to support capital improvements, academic program enhancements and operating budgets for Vestavia Hill City Schools. It was expected that the increase would provide an additional $8.42 million per year.

The Vestavia Hills City Council approved a resolution on January 31, and an ordinance on February 27 to schedule a public referendum. The referendum was legalized by the passage of Act of Alabama 2023-23 sponsored by State Senator Jabo Waggoner and signed by Governor Kay Ivey on April 14. The campaign to promote the proposal was branded as "1Rebel1Future", making reference to the Rebel mascot of Vestavia Hills High School's athletic programs.

7,299 votes were recorded. The result of the election was a rejection of the proposal.


  • No, 4099 votes (56.2%)
  • Yes, 3200 votes (43.8%)